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Full Version: staff application
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SteamID( 0:1:97606446

Steam profile ( give us a link to your profile):

Name(s) (steam profile name, in game name, etc.): my steam accoun name is lilbillnero but my in game type name is lilbillzombiekiller.

Age: i am 13, but i will turn 14 in feburary.

Current rank: VIP

Around how long have you been playing SuperRP? I have Super RP for about a month and a half now.

Have you ever been banned from SuperRP? If so, why and for how long? I have never been banned from any server including SuperRP and i intend to keep it that way.

Why do you whant to be a staff member? I whant to be staff member so I can help new and other players understand the rules before they get in trouble and so they don't get banned.

Why should we make YOU a staff member? You should make me a staff member because i won't abuse it and i whant to keep SuperRP a fun and non-chaotic server.
Good job!