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Moderator/VIP Rules
Our goal is to provide a fun, entertaining, and gaming environment. The last thing we need is moderators feeling like they can do anything and they are above the law. Moderation beings great honor and responsibility to people on Super RP.

1. Follow all server rules-you do not get a pardon for any rules broken
2. Do not kick/warn/ban for Admin Disrespect, unless it is utterly harassment.
3. Do not role play and use moderation commands, that is why there is the Super RP Moderator Job.
4. Do not abuse.
5. Use Common Sense throughout.

Any of these rules that are violated may risk in an instant demotion.

On our server we allow VIPs to help out the server when moderators are not around. They are just as much responsible for their actions as Moderators. These commands can be taken away as fast as they were given. Here VIP Rules.

1. Do Not Abuse.
2. Only use Given commands when you are the job "VIP on Duty".
3. Do not use any commands when there are already moderators on the server.
4. Any sight of abuse from a VIP may qualify for an instant demotion from that rank.
Super RP Administration

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