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SuperRP Admin Application
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:69784522

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mattlego55/

Current Steam Name: Mattlego55

Age: 14

Current Rank: User

Around How Long Have I been playing On SuperRP: About 1 and a half weeks or so.

Have you ever been banned from SuperRP before? If so, when, why, and for how long?: I have never been banned from SuperRP.

Why I Want To Be A Staff Member: I want to be a staff member because I really enjoy this server and all it has to offer and I feel I can really contribute to this server a lot. I feel servers that are right now just starting out and rather small have the most issues. I want to help the server and make it hacker free and keep the minges away and make it a very fun server for every player that joins.

Why Should You Make Me A Staff Member: I think you should make me a staff member because I can help with the server when other admins are not on and I have a lot of Garry's Mod experience from the past. I have a mic and I can type well so I can do both if someone doesn't have a mic or any other problems with that. I really do enjoy Garry's Mod and since i'm rather younger I can be on more than maybe a moderator/admin that is older. Also, if you don't know, there is many.....many annoying minges and hackers on the server and I can help with that because I am on a lot at night times. And once summer hits, I can be on just about always as long as the server is up. And honestly, I feel like this server deserves a good staff team that will get the job done and make SuperRP a fun server that many will enjoy and come back. And for my final response, I will not take sides. If someone is my friend, I will do what I think is right according to server rules and what is fair. Friend or not, I will treat everyone with the same respect.

Additional Information: I do have a VAC ban but let me explain this before you deny this application. It was on MW2. I joined a lobby that had a hack it in that gave everyone all items and ranks in the game. I can say right now that I spend $20 on that game and why would i waste $20 to hack and get banned on it. I loved MW2 and would love to play on it again.

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