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Moderator Applications
A new system for applying for a moderator position on our staff team has been changed. Moderator Applications have been restricted to VIP's only. This is due to a number of reasons. For example, a VIP has more of a incentive to stay on the server since they invested in us. This will mean that all moderators will have access to VIP products.

For the moderators that are already here and have not donated, they will keep their ranks but they are expect to invest their time on the server, helping out.

We are not gold diggers that is why we provide VIP for $10 which only covers the cost of the server. VIP offers a wide sort of products such as jobs and vehicles. Honestly if we could we wouldn't have donations, but we can't be wasting our money because one day we will run out. The best way we thought to have the server pay for its self was a VIP job, because a lot other servers do this to.

What do we get out of it, you say? We get the most amazing experience that only a hand group of people in the world have experienced. We get to play our favorite game under player's rules not some fat 14 year old who scams other people then ban them for using their freedom of speech.

If you don't know how to donate it is at the top of the website or you can just click the link below.

Super RP Administration

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