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I think I should be promoted because of what follows.

"You should be an admin" - Hydraulic

This was said to me the first time I met with Hydraulic.
If you have any questions as to if what he said was real or not, please speak with Hydraulic himself.
EDIT: Proof - http://gyazo.com/c4d135a9c0dac8540f5f27766c5b9781
Ummm.... We need a proper staff application. You said that hyra thought you would be good. I don't think that matters at all. -minus
SteamID :STEAM_0:0:49396563

Steam Profile (give us a link to your profile):http://steamcommunity.com/id/Punknown

Name(s) (Steam profile name, in-game name, etc.): [SR]Unknown


Current rank: Basic Moderator

Around how long have you been playing on SuperRP? Aproximately a week

Have you ever been banned from SuperRP before? If so, when, why, and for how long? I have never been banned

Why do you want to be promoted? I would like to be promoted as I have been recommended by Hydraulic to be promoted and I want to be able to help out more in the community. Lately I have also been banning people for MassRDM without being able to give them the appropriate time that they are supposed to be banned for.

Why should we make YOU a higher rank? I think you should make me a higher rank this way I can help the community more by keeping RDMers away for longer. I have made many friends on the community and I believe that if I were to become a higher rank I would be able to help newer moderators. In the past I have also had experience as a moderator and I believe that I with that experience I surpass the abilities of a few Basic Moderators.
Thank you for reading my promotion application, see you next time.
I'd also like to say sorry for posting this in replies as I did not know I would need to post a completely new application.

I have seen Unknown and how he does things. He is a friendly player and does a good job with dealing with situations. Also support because you spend a good amount of time on the application. Good work so far Unknown Smile

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