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(^._.^)ノ Kitsune's Application


Name(s): 『Kitsune』, Fried Tofu Fox, Trickster Fox, Chef Kitsune.

Age: 15

Current Rank: VIP

How long: Maybe around December, Can't remember.

Bans: None.

Why: Tools, ability to ban nut-jobs, and more flexibility in building. Also it seems that most of the server's mods and VIP's don't do much so I figure I could help out here and there. Also some people on the server believe i'm a mod or admin so why disappoint them?

Why should you make me staff: Previous experience in being a mod, I don't abuse unless i'm being abused, I know the rules, I am usually available and online, and this server really needs more staff online. Hope to I can work with you soon.
I actually have seen him in action before and well, he's done his part for everything that he has needed to.. (Minus the small rebellions >_> ) I would say I'd appreciate having him on the team, I'll let someone else help me decide though, whoever that may be. Tongue
[Image: joAqJfr.jpg]

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