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Tzone7 For Junior Mod!
SteamID (steamidconverter.com): STEAM_0:1:46929330

Steam Profile (give us a link to your profile): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198054124389/

Name(s) (Steam profile name, in-game name, etc.): Tzone7

Age: 12 (Will be 13 in March)

Current rank: VIP

Around how long have you been playing on SuperRP? About 2 weeks.

Have you ever been banned from SuperRP before? If so, when, why, and for how long? I have never been banned from SuperRP and will try my best to NEVER get banned.

Why do you want to be a staff member?
I want to be a staff Member because I want to be able to properly enforce the rules fairly and evenly, and because I enjoy the server, and wish to be more than just a player on it. I also enjoy helping people, and I know I can achieve all this fairly because I am confident, and I have enough experience in dealing with situations and the problems people have.

Why should we make YOU a staff member?
You should make me a staff member because I can help with player's questions or even just showing the players around the community. I know sometimes I can get into hot water, especially because of my age, but if what I did was wrong and I KNOW it as wrong, I accept it, take the consequences and move on. I love this server and would never try to harm it or the players in it. Thanks for taking time to read this application!
Try again in the future; there was some conflict that ended up getting a player wrongfully punished and you didn't stand up and take the punishment.
I understand. But thanks anyways.

But do you think, besides that incident, with this application I may have been accepted?
Your true colors were shown that day and the only way is for you to make up for it.
I understand, and I WILL make up for that mistake of mine.

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