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A New World
Greetings to all currently existing community members and staff. We have been told and have seen the corresponding actions of you the players over this weird and bizarre transition. The first thing we want to say is that we are not here to make you guys mad, uncomfortable, or even nervous. We are here to have fun on this beautiful sandbox game that we call Garry's Mod.

We have recently bought over the server which consist of Ryker, Dodge, Delink, and Jerry. Ryker will be the new sole owner of the server, while Dodge, Delink, and Jerry will be part owners, but will be called Super RP Administrators. Ryker will be on the most out of the three and will be the one who will interact with you, the players, on a more personal base. Dodge, Delink, and Jerry will be the ones who will work on the server to provide a more fun and more entertaining experience. As a result of our newly found ownership there will be a clean slate of bans of the past, besides those who have used exploits.

The three of us at the end of the day will come together and discuss what we think and need. Here is where you come in, everything we do is for you. We need you the players to come up with ideas and cool things to make this server as much fun as it can. Think about something you always dreamed about on a dark role playing server and we will try our best to fulfill it. We will accept all ideas, although they may be critique. No idea is a bad idea. If you do have any ideas you would like to comment go to http://dev.hosted.nfoservers.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=4.

If any one has any further questions about the server or the owners just post below.
Super RP Administration

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