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Peter Griffin's Staff App
SteamID (steamidconverter.com):STEAM_0:0:62919175

Steam Profile (give us a link to your profile):http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086104078

Name(s) (Steam profile name, in-game name, etc.): Steam - Peter Griffin IGN - Peter Griffin - In Real Life Name - Kevin

Age: 15

Current rank: User

Around how long have you been playing on SuperRP? : Half a month

Have you ever been banned from SuperRP before? If so, when, why, and for how long? : No Bans on SRP

Why do you want to be a staff member? : I want to be a staff member of Super RP because I can Deal with anything, I Know how to be a nice staff member, I can also help others with things they do not know, but I really want to be a staff member because, I am an amazing person, I am Loyal, Kind, and Respectful, I will also try to help everyone that I can, If i become a basic Moderator

Why should we make YOU a staff member? You Should make me a staff member, because I can deal with situations properly, and in order, I also know all !menu commands, and I can be a help to users and other staff members, I will also ENFORCE the servers rules, and Regulations. I will also make sure that NO RDMer's are Welcome.

- Kevin
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Seems good maybe too good. We got to see if you will live up to your words.
+1 I like his app and I think I'll accept it.
Just for the fact I've seen him handle situations when I've come back from being AFK and is a very friendly and overall a very nice addition to the server.

If anyone has any questions please PM me on here, thanks!
[Image: joAqJfr.jpg]

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