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Hiring NIGHT moderators
If you prefer staying up late or live in a time zone that is -6 hours behind CST or EST and are interested in a moderator position please make an application on the "Staff Application" Category. We really appreciate anyone who applies as most of our current moderators leave the server head off around 11-10 PM. Super Role-play really would like to expand the life-cycle of the population of the server with a larger range of people that visit the server on what is usually a dead time for us.

To make this deal more attractive, positions will start at Junior Moderator, which is one step above basic moderator. There are some requirements for this position so please make sure you meet all of them. We will not accept you if you fail to meet or cannot commit to these requirements.

- You must be active in the community.

- You must be AT-LEAST 15 years of age.

- We expect you to get on for 4 hours per night, preferably 1am to 4am EST.

Warm regards, Delink
[Image: FtY2iZH.png]

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