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The Beginning
Hello everyone that is currently apart of Super RP Moderation and Administration. Again my name is Jerry, and I want to point out that this whole transition is a difficult and complex one. All I ask is to stick with us and you will not be disappointed.

To start this off I need everyone to introduce them self in a way. You do not have to release any personal information. We just need to know who are you (type of person) and the situation that you feel between you and the server. What I mean is, when can you not be on and when you will not be on. Stuff to let us know you haven't forgotten about us.

Another thing to discuss is the new ownership. We do not want to be your enemy and we understand we came out of nowhere and took over. I wasn't briefed about the previous owner's actions before. Only that he violated a policy and agreed to forfeit his servers rights to GlenWeb. The same policy and rights I have also. I saw many complaints about GlenWeb and personally I haven't seen a day that GlenWeb has done that to me. Of course you guys and players is what matters to this community and to myself, so I took liberty of having an agreement for no interference of GlenWeb within our server; unless we were to not pay or violate the fine print policy. If you still wish to discuss some of this you can do so, but it doesn't get much farther from this.

Nextly we need to discuss punishment on the server. Basic stuff like RDM and NLR should be dealt with a warning or jail time. Each player gets three chances (breaking a single simple rule), once all their chances are up you can ban the player for a day for "Repeated Offender". If a player was to leave while in a moderator sit or during punishment they can be automatically banned for a day for "Evasion". For stuff concerning mass rdm (3+ kills) a week ban will do just fine. Any thing like Prop Spam, Server Lagging/Crashing, Exploiting, or other Explicit actions should be dealt with a permanent ban. These are the only valid reason for giving someone a permanent ban. Bans will be check frequently to insure our system is working. If you are a lower class moderator and when no higher staff is on, ban the player as highest as you can go, than report to a higher staff member to edit the ban time.

Most of this may seem too much, but as I said before we are going places. Are you going to stick for the ride?
Remember if any of you have any questions for us, let us know on this part of the website.
All moderators are obligated to provide a reason on every ban they give. If you provide a ban with no reason it will be removed. If you do not have access to fix a mistake you made on a ban tell a Junior Moderator and up.
Super RP Administration

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